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Covid-19 Harrison's Hair House Support

When Covid 19 hit the area my initial understanding was that it was scary but we would be ok. Then people started dying, and peoples habits started changing. We wore masks if we had them, used hand sanitizer till our skin cracked, and hoarded toilet paper like diarrhea was the first listed symptom. I started my stay-at-home order like any other. Binge watching The Tiger King and collecting every meme there after. I made claims I was going to clean out the junk drawer and organize closets. I haven't by the way, there's just no time in the day between my naps, cocktail hour and arts & craft projects.

Then week 3 hit and I applied for PPP, SBA, PBA, PB&Js ect and hit a bit of a wall. I was denied, put on hold, left pending or there simply wasn't enough money. I came to a halt and decided putting my time into something more productive would be a better use of my energy. I borrowed a sewing machine and got to work. well, not exactly. It took me a few hours to get the darn thing threaded but once I did we were good to go! By week 5 I figured out my groove and was a mask making machine. So here we are 6 weeks in and im making masks like no tomorrow. Paying salon rent is my number one goal, dreaming of a nice sushi delivery might be close in the running.

If you would like to purchase a mask here's some fun facts about them. They are 3 layers, cotton, non woven polyester, cotton. Their straps are made from hair ties cut down for comfort, in true hair stylist fashion. Washable, comfortable, and super cute! I have about 20 patterns to choose from, and the abilty to make some custom orders if you want your own logo or a personal message on them. Ive posted patterns on Instagram @harrisonshairhouse if you aren't already following. If you don't Instagram please reach out and ill send you some pictures.

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